School of Fine Arts, The Library



The elongated Library building is placed at the centre of the School of Fine Arts building complex and is directly connected with the main square. Vertically it is arranged over four overground and two underground levels. Horizontally it is organised in two parallel and adjacent zones, the eastern and the western.

The eastern zone includes the main entrance and reading rooms, which evolve in two levels and enjoy a view of the two large interior atrium.

The western zone is organised in four levels which include the librarys bookcases, auxiliary spaces, the employee staircase, the administrations elevator, and it also accomodates the mechanical and electrical installations. The research department is sited on the top floor, along with their private offices, meeting rooms and auxiliary spaces.

On the first basement level apart from the mechanical installations, there is provision for book delivery to be accommodated, along with their filling and storage. Furthermore there is provision for two workshops specialised in book conservation.

Book delivery can also occur on a separate garage entrance, sited and constructed below the main ground level square, the amphitheatre and the administration building.

The Librarys main structure i.e. slabs, beams and columns are made of concrete cast in betoform. Shadow gaps will signify the different structural elements also made of cast concrete. The structural elements will not be concealed through plastering thus revealing their true materiality.

The interior surfaces will be covered in wood panelling. In other cases the interiors will be plastered and built-in furniture will be installed. In the case of the concrete surfaces the finish will be either smooth or rough. In order to facilitated mechanical and electrical installations plasterboard ceiling will be suspended from the concrete roof on each floor.

The exterior surfaces of the building facade, and the window sills are going to be covered in stone cladding (porolithos) still not concealing the concrete elements. The slanted roof on the other hand will be constructed out of copper sheets with integrated insulation.

A66: SA, DA, M. Kalogerakou, E. Koumarianou