Sitia Hospital, Crete



The social organisation, the locals mentality temperament and the natural and artificial environment of Sitia acted as the guidelines to solve the issues arisen by the implementation of this project.

  1. Issues of scale concerning arrangement and area of each designated space and the overall organisation of the hospital. A smaller scale was chosen in order to reform the programme, create a grouping of spaces and then elaborate on their design details.
  2. Climate issues. The temperate climate and the high levels of sunshine demanded the utilisation of the energy sources, to ensure that all the spaces achieved cross ventilation, and to include a variety of outdoor and semi outdoor spaces in our design.
  3. An articulate and simple organisation of the hospitals functions into spaces that are familiar and address people who have a close relationship with nature in their every day life.
  4. An internal circulation within the hospital achieved with ramps and bright corridors with pleasant views to the outside.

A strong circulation axis, a route, separates on the right the out – patients infirmaries with the daily research activities of the hospitals scientific personnel, and on the left the patients reception and wards along with the operating rooms. Patients and personnel are accommodated on the east and west side of the building block.

Tall trees and climbing plants on metal structures were used in order to achieve a natural sun screening system.

A66: SA, DA, B. Babalou